Notes for Haiti (Ayiti): Now Available

Hurricane Season started today. There are still hundreds of thousands of people without the shelter that could help keep them alive this summer/fall.

I know that many of you (us) have given already, and all I'm asking for you to do is to go to the website below, and listen to the music. If you like it, pay what you want for it.

This morning we sold a copy of the album for $80. The next sale was for $1. We are grateful for both of them as every donation, retweet, reblog, and word of mouth message that gets passed along truly helps.

100 percent of the proceeds from this album are going directly to Oxfam America (oxfamamerica.org), who are using the money for their ongoing Haitian relief efforts.

The album features gracious musical contributions from:

-Now On
-Jordan Rockswell
-Crown Royale
-Aloe Blacc
-Karriem Riggins

Executive Producers:
Niles Heron and Sarah Lockridge-Steckel

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