1. First off, tell us who you are, who you be, what you do...

I am Miz Korona a dope emcee born and raised in Detroit Mi. I'm a Virgo and my eyes are brown. Wait this ain't no dating game LOL

2. What started your music career?

My love for music started at a young age. My birth father used to sing in a group called the Floaters (Float On) so I guess I inherited most of my talent from him but I credit my mom for starting my career as a emcee. She bought me my 1st hip hop records when I was 10yrs old and my life changed from that day forth.

3. What inspires you to do what you do?

The creator, My Family,Love, Hate,Life Experiences and music itself inspires me. Also the people around me I witnessed the growth of Detroit's biggest artist from a front row view at the Hip Hop Shop and The Shelter. I had the honor and privilege of knowing 1 of if not THE illest dudes on the beats (and rhymes) J Dilla (RIP) and the illest dude on the battle scene Big Proof (RIP) who took me under his wings now if that ain't inspiration I shouldn't be doing this

4. Tell us one secret, one truth, and one lie..

1 secret huh? Let me see. Ok I have a secret crush on Beyonce, I am the Truth and the world will recognize that very soon! I don't lie (and that's no lie)

5. If you could listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Wow that's a really great question seeing as though I have a wide range of listening pleasure. I'm gonna say Slum Village's Fantastic Vol 2. Cause the vibe of the beats and rhymes are just refreshing. Also I would need something to keep me upbeat and sane and that album never seems to get old to me

6. If you would win 10 million dollars, what would you do or buy?

I would buy my own label and sign artists based on their love for music,talent,drive and will to win. I would also start a charity to help minority children travel abroad to experience different ways of learning living. Oh and I would buy a shit load of sneakers LOL

7. If you were not doing music, what would you be doing?

LOL funny you should ask that. I would probably be a dentist or a stripper lmao (J/K)

8. To BLING or not to BLING?

That is the question

9. What artists have you had the pleasure and honor working with? and who would you LIKE to work with?

As you may know I had the ultimate pleasure of working with Eminem and Xzibit in the 8 mile movie but I would love to do music with both of those dudes 1 day soon. I've worked with Invincible,Guilty Simpson,Big Proof (RIP),Obie Trice,Marv Won and damn near ever artist in Michigan!
I really wanna work with whoever's dope out there it's so many great artist it would take months to name em all. But to name a few Bahamadia, T.I.,Brandy,Jean Grae,Nas + more.

10. Any additional info, upcoming shows, projects, etc..

After all these years of hard work and patiently waiting for my turn I'll be (Independently) dropping my album "The Injection" on June 15th. The 1st release party is gonna be held at this dope spot called MOCAD (Downtown Detroit). I've been leaking a lot of previously unreleased material leading up to the launch of the album on whutupdoe.com and I also have another project called Dope Muzik up for free download @ mizkorona.bandcamp.com so I hope people will go check me out and cop The Injection when it drops June 15th. Thanks Peace

Oh damn I almost forgot follow me on twitter twitter.com/mizkorona or @mizkorona. 

<a href="http://whutupdoe.bandcamp.com/track/miz-korona-darth-vader-f-moe-dirdee-street-justice-andrey-smartz-whutupdoe-com">Miz Korona - Darth Vader f/Moe Dirdee, Street Justice, &amp; Andrey Smartz-WHUTUPDOE.COM by WHUTUPDOE!</a>

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