What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a new full length project, I wanted it to be 80% collaborations with LA rappers, and Vocalists. So far the artists who have jumped on board are, MPRVS, Carmen Smith, Jimetta Rose, Shania D and there are other instrumentalists involved in it this time like Spel.

Have you done any collabs since BNB last heard from you?  If so, who are you working with?

Since 'Because I'm Beautiful' I released an EP on a Macedonian Label called 'The Sleeper'. It featured, K the I???? and singer songwriter Olga Montes.

It got some love and a great review on BLEEP.COM so they asked me to deliver a full length Album. 'The Rise of the Elephant Kingdom' was released on 5/17/10 and it includes underground cats from a few different places. Ekundayo from Atlanta drops a cameo, Shania, ETC crew, Tamara Blue and a couple of MCs from Tijuana; Caveman and MC Vigo and of course Anodyne's own LA Organic MC, El Sufi/ Osirus. 

I also worked on a very dope Jazz/electronic project called 'Frank Hill' with Alcendor, Foniks and Julien Winter (Germany). 

I am currently producing an album for the French born and raised multi talented musician Spel. It is a genre breaking album combining his influences in Hip Hop, Rock and Reggea with a hint of Dubstep. The message behind it is very powerful. Here's a clip from our last collaboration from his EP 'Cryosleep': http://www.amazon.com/Space-Station-4000/dp/B002BNUEVY

I am also working on a live electronic project/band called 'Chinatown'. We've been playing shows, rehearsing and writing songs and hope to be in the studio by July recording. The sound is a very Bass heavy slow groovy take on the Jam band concept and includes a guest saxophone and guest Bass guitar. 

In collaboration with Alcendor, I just finished an album called 'Daddy Day Care' in celebration of our 1 year as stay at home Dad's. It will be released on Filter this year. Here's the promo video: 

This summer, I am curating what will be a very dope compilation of some LA artists who will surprise, thrill and amaze you. Unfortunately I cannot disclose any information about this project at this time...

BNB's forever gonna be a huge fan of yours, BUT who are YOU a fan of these days?

Ras G has Landed on Planet Earth and folks ain't ready yet...haha

Ta'raach is doing his thing, and I been following his music for a few years and I am never dissappointed. Shit, I got an 'As one' Album featuring that Cat. Prolific is the word.

Samiyam's hard ass beats are always in rotation in my sets or in my headsets.

Alcendor put out a sick CD called 'End of an Age' 

NSOK's 'Make your own god' on Filter. Slow smoked out beats, like DJ shadow on an acid trip http://www.digital-tunes.net/news_articles/nsok_make_your_own_god

Ravage Beats, Pasadena resident who carves out some of the most hard hitting sensitive shit I ever heard http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ravage-Beats-2012/141283702931?v=info

Fishscale, a vicious beat making crew with legendary DJ Plan 9 on the helm http://fishscale.bandcamp.com/

If you could put together your dream tour, who would it include? 

a dream tour would include my favorite MC's like, Trek life, NOCANDO, Alpha MC, BlackBird, Immortal Tech, Ta'raach, Blu, Madlib, Quasimoto, Amiri Dialect, Rootsmanuva etc. With producers like Ras G, Alcendor, Samiyam, GB, Prefuse, Mr Scruff, NSOK, Foniks and I would totally accept an invitation to join these cats...

Anything else you wanna say to the people?


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  1. im a fan! gonna see you spin on July 7 @ Purple Lounge. Looking forward to it!


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