Some Wishes Do Come True (Mayer Hawthorne on MTV)

This year has already been full of prayers and wishes...

Wishes that we had more time with people we don't have more time with.

Prayers that those still without shelter in Haiti find some respite before the rainy season arrives in full.

Wishing that Chile (who have stood through an earthquake that changed TIME remarkably) will be able to continue their recovery.

Prayers that Guru will be able to bless us with more music before it's all said and done.

Prayers that the earth would forgive us our transgressions and let us start anew (this one is a reach, only because we clearly would squander opportunity #2 as well).

Well... Being from Detroit, I'm used to the rain. In L.A. I find myself regularly wishing for desert rains to sleep/write/live/create/breathe to, but also that my family are able to make the most of every day... My brother Andrew "DJ Haircut / Mayer Hawthorne" Cohen is proof of what can come of that possibility.

Sometimes we do, in fact, get what we wish for.

Make sure to stop by MTVU's Freshman 5: 2010 contest and vote for Mayer Hawthorne (who is on the road this month with one of our favorite DJ's in House Shoes -- check tour dates here).

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