Christopher Cervantes a.k.a. SOUP 
manager/buyer of FAT BEATS LOS ANGELES | vinyl collector |  local DJ (when it suits me)

BNB: What is the most memorable moment you've had on your creative journey?
SOUP: probably sharing a joint with DJ Premier and listening to him tell
hiphop stories for hours inside headqcourterz studios, which used to
be D&D Studios where countless classic hiphop albums have been made.

aside from that on the creative tip, it would have to be DJ'ing for
thousands of kids in one room multiple times back in the late
90's/early 00's when a lot of the electronic music festivals used to
book hiphop stages. it's pretty cool to hear a thousand kids buggin
out at once over a routine you made.

BNB: You thank GOD everyday that...?
SOUP: that i am ME.

BNB: You hate it most when people..?
SOUP: when people want to be a part of this industry but dont want to support it.
Also when artists and labels dont recognize how important indie record stores still are to this industry. ive given countless artists new fans by just enjoying the process of putting the general public up on new material. people are quick to forget that there are still lots of
buyers out there who don't have the time to scour the internet/itunes/blogs all day for whats good.

BNB: What else?
SOUP: check out Fat Beats LA at myspace.com/fatbeatsla and twitter.com/fatbeatsla

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