Gro Weyez

He's a DJ, Musician and an excellent storyteller

Gro Weyez has become a new conoissuer of the funk. He's known for DJing around LA, at spots such as Carbon, Blu Monkey and a few others, he plays percussion in Shafiq Husayn's band, "En-A-Free-Ka" and in & out of town with Dam Funk and his band.

We got the chance to spend St. Patty's Day with him, and listen to his great stories about everything from his many jobs, to touch screen phones, over pitchers of green beer.

Many memorable quotes such as...

"Pass the fade!"

"I like the greeness of the beerness"

Kyla: "You're the highlight of my week thus far"...Weyez: "Yo, I'm bout to Un-highlight some of these niggas weeks"

(That last quote is the winner...)

Follow this man at: twitter.com/groWeyez

And peep his latest podcast at: groweyez.podomatic.com

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