Arnold Randall 
I use a brush, paint and some non conventional materials 
to make my thoughts tangible.
 "Procrastination and laziness are habits that become dream killers!" - ARNOLD RANDALL

BNB: What would you say is your greatest strength
ARNOLD RANDALL: I’m not restricted to do’s and don’ts when it comes to this art game, and most of my art is a result of me sitting in front of my canvas for a couple of minutes with my eyes closed and then BAMM…seriously!
BNB: What things about you are often misconstrued?
ARNOLD RANDALL:  That I’ve been painting forever, I started taking it seriously this time last year, I’ve been sketching since birth but painting is very new to me. 

BNB: What is the most memorable moment you've had on your creative journey?
ARNOLD RANDALL: By far the most memorable experience was going from talking about doing a show to actually doing it.  I put on a solo art show alongside a dope musician, producer, DJ and amazing food and wine.

BNB: You thank GOD everyday that...?
ARNOLD RANDALL: I make the best of the day.
BNB: You hate it most when people..? 
ARNOLD RANDALL: Doubt their abilities, everyone’s blessed with a gift, some people never open their package…

BNB: Anything else you wanna say to the people?
ARNOLD RANDALL:  Thank you for the opportunity KW.  Art is something that has always been a part of my life so it’s an amazing feeling to finally be doing what I love.  I challenge everyone to explore your gifts and put them to use.  In regards to future shows, I’m blessed to be an artist at Project Ethos on the 19th of March, also check out my work on Arnoldrandallart.com.  Bling or Die.

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