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Hex Murda is an OG in the Detroit hip hop scene.  It's been rumored that Twitter's success is partially because of the hilarity / hatred of a single tough guy, named @HEXMURDA

so BNB wants to introduce our new FRIEND // FAN // FOLLOWER section [ in support of #FF ] with our favorite guy (who hates everybody and everything), @HEXMURDA

FRIEND: "Hex hates everybody. Yet everybody loves Hex. That says a lot." -House Shoes

FAN: "No...He's infamous for it...No and Fuck You, hahaha" -BFK

FOLLOWER: "HexMurda is a true OG. I don't know anyone else who commands respect and fear alike from both friend and stranger. Salute!" -Sweeneykovar

 catch up w/ Hex on Twitter : twitter.com/hexmurda

also: check out our "according to @hexmurda" sidebar daily for twitterquotes from our beloved Hex.

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