BATTLECAT has alllllllways been one of my musical favorites.  He is a hood hero; a god among men when it comes to the true West Coast sound.  The level of creativity that an artist like Battlecat has achieved is one that can't be touched.  He [re]defined LA hip-hop, taking the simple 2-4 drum beats that had already been heavily popularized out West and adding a ton of melody on top.  His use of complex harmonies within the beat and simple percussion layered over the drums creates such a unique sound, that it can only be defined as 'amazing'.  You always know when it's a Battlecat beat.  He takes the boogie of 70's roller skate music, combines it with stacked synthesized keys and true piano sounds, then adds his signature drums (often with claps) right under to seal the deal on every track.  

BATTLECAT gets a 10 out of 10 from BNB.

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