It's that time again: Niles Heron's BlackNBlingCast Episode 2

Hello world...

It's been a while and I was starting to feel like I was losing touch with you. I know that sounds silly because we're all connected and all that jazz, but sometimes it takes an olive branch... or some such metaphor. Consider this my "I'm sorry that I'm not around," or my "I miss y'all even though I don't say it."

This episode isn't too unlike the last one, with a few added little treats and tricks. I've done my best again to incorporate different types of music that you might not expect to hear together, and as always, done my best to share some of my favorite songs with you all. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words right? Well how much is a song worth? How much is a mix worth? For extra credit, listen to the mix and hit me up on twitter or however you normally reach out, and tell me how many words this podcast was worth to you, and why? I'm going to stop rambling directly, but not until I ask one more question... If we're all connected, can you all feel what I was feeling when I put this mix together?

I'm going back under my rock. I'll have another fresh mix for your ears sooner than never.

The homies over at Blacklight Magazine (www.blacklightmag.com) out of Chicago wrote up something on my podcasts that you can read here, or you can just click on over to BlackNBling's Podomatic Site and grab up them $free.99 mixes and ride with them today.

Thanks for the support.

Love, peace, chicken, grease, collards, yams, and all that good shit.
(Peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace -- yeah... whatup kufi rockers?)


The following was taken from blacklight mag dot com:

"WTF is BNB? Beyond knowing that it stands for Black N' Bling, I'm still not really sure. But what I do know is that the two podcasts by Niles Heron have been cleverly put together to make you feel like"Ooh Ahh" (c) Boyz II Men. His music knowledge is extensive and you wont always recognize the songs that are being played, however, it's still worth it. One is all about a lack of hip hop, because sometimes you know, that's necessary and the other takes you on a journey from kickin it old school to kickin it new school and back again. Expand your mind homie (what is high? what is learn? what is high-er learning?)."

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