Shafiq Week Continues!

Shafiq week continues at BNB Headquarters. In addition to coppin official copies of the album, BNB has shown full support to this project. We have twittered, facebook'd, and talked up "En' A-Free-Ka" as much as possible this week because we completely and fully LOVE this album.

BNB celebrated the album release with Shafiq and friends at Turntable Lab, for a listening party and in-store. The energy was great and the free Colt 45 (lol) was flowing. I think I even saw a couple Jarritos floating around.
Wednesday night was another great one, where we celebrated at Shoes House. Shafiq was present, but tired, and played the background this go round. The album pumped through the speakers and kept the vibe circulating as House Shoes and J1 traded off on the tables. Detroit's Danny Brown rounded out the night with a classic live performance. Another great night. Shouts to Big Pooh, Big Dho, Rocio, and Andres.

More to come, its only Thursday!

photos by @nitadarling.

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  1. Too bad I couldn't make it!! Sendin out much love to BNB n the A-FREE-KA FAMILY!!



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