To The Friends and Fans of Titus "Baatin" Glover

Peace yall.

I havent really been able to blog lately. This Baatin shit had me emotionally locked up. I didnt (and still dont) know what to say to yall, except these few words.

Baatin was a friend of mine. Not just like I met him once backstage, but he was my friend. I loved his stories. I loved his metaphors. I loved his magic. I remember how he'd narrow his eyes when he was saying something that meant a lot to him, and hed speak real slow and rub his beard like a wise old man. And I remember how he'd say "FUCK that!" when things didnt go his way, and then kinda chuckle to himself afterward with personal amusement. I remember singing for him and his cousins MahChurach and Zara'el (aka 10 Speed and Brown Shoe) like 6 years ago, and Tin acting like he was a conductor while I belted out Jill Scott's "You Love Me" in a smoky hotel room. Ha, The Grafton hotel. We kicked it hella times at that hotel - walked to get sun chips and ice cream from the Pink Dot, tried to drink as much lemon water as we could at once by the pool so we wouldnt have to keep going back downstairs for more, freestyling a movie plot (which later turned out to become a true story). Dang, the movie plot. Back in like 03 Baatin made up a story, but the story was a film idea he had loosely put together. I remember him saying to me "this is how Ima get free, this is the part when I leave". I didn't get it until I heard he was officially out of the group that he was foreshadowing his departure in his "movie". He told me about a guy and his two cousins, who were all rappers (aka himself, MahChurach and Zara'el), going around the ghetto healing people. They healed with oils and lotions and incense, and sold these products to 'believers' who wanted to taste truth and righteousness. He said that his potions were his way out, and his way into a new life where he could float above all on a carpet and dream music through his two cousins. Crazy story, but it actually started to come true.
Enough reminiscing...
Baatin is and will always be a dynamic and often misunderstood character here on earth. He now is with the All, where his mind can finally rest and his heart can dwell on a new plane. To those who know Baatin (as I knew "Baatin" much better than I knew "Titus Glover"), and to those who respected him as a man and part of our musical generation, I want you to remember him as I did, as a representation of love, intelligence and creative energy manifested.

With love, honor and respect,

(thanks for letting me vent, yall)


Here is the info for Baatin's Funeral and Memorial Estate Fund Donations

Public Viewing

will be held on Monday August 10, 2009 from 1pm until 8pm at

New Bethlehem Missionary Babptist Church
19018 Hawthorne Street
Detroit, MI 48203-2168
(1ST Block South of 7 Mile, 1 Block east of I-75)

Family Hour

will be held on Tuesday August 11, 2009 from 12 noon until 1pm at

Greater Future Missionary Baptist Church
10766 Morang
Detroit, MI 48224-1877


will be held on Tuesday August 11, 2009 at 1pm at

Greater Future Missionary Baptist Church
10766 Morang
Detroit, MI 48224-1877

can be sent to:

DETROIT, MI 48212-1540

please make any checks/money orders payable to:


or deposit any funds into the

TITUS P GLOVER ESTATE account at any
Comerica Bank branch

please email any support messages to:


fans can leave a voicemail message of support to the family at



Thanks so much for your support. Have a blessed day.

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