BNB Podcast: Niles Heron Doesn't Like Rap Music

What's good Black-N-Bloggers?

(I guess technically you're a Black-N-BlogReader, but I'll work past my separatist nature in the name of simplicity -- which is also lost by this paranthetical tangent)

Basically, I don't like rap anymore. It's wack (that's not true, but if you've listened to rap lately you understand what i'm sayin).

There's nothing more to say: I made a podcast. First time's a charm. Or not... You tell me...

I'm... I'm.... I'm on some other shit... (Fuck this rap shit)....


Also. I posted a divshare link below for those of you who want to get the full experience with the album artwork and titles and all of that through your iTunes and iTunes compatible media devices.

Niles Heron - BnB Podcast

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