In Tribute. The Homegoing Celebration for Michael Jackson

Beloved BNB Friends and Family.
Truly we are all blessed to have been a part of the life and legacy of The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. It is through his epic talent and love for music that we have all been influenced, and have come to cherish him as a part of our own families.
As his memorial service concludes, BNB wants to encourage our followers to keep his spirit alive as he has gone to be with God. In tribute, we have compiled reaction statements (via Twitter, of course) from some of OUR family. The BNB team watched, cried and marveled our way through the service along with the rest of the world, and wanted to share the reactions (serious, funny, etc) of our followers.

Pay respect, all. Celebrate the life and legacy. As House Shoes said a moment ago, [Michael Jackson is] ONE OF ONE.

"He studied all the greats and became greater" (c) Barry Gordy
therealjspaceSometimes crying feels good, like...you finally get a chance to cry about EVERYTHING you've been holding back
DJJedi"To Mike's 3 children: Wasn't nothin strange about your dad; it was strange what he had to deal with." CHURCH!
houseshoesA national MJ holiday would truly show the supreme hypocrisy of america. They gladly tore this mans life to shreds.
houseshoesBeautiful ceremony.
omgitsBFKIcon_lockthis goes down as the best memorial in history. ever. amazing.omgitsBFKIcon_locki feel like i lost a member of my family. mike was a member of all our families.
JacmwhatleyIcon_lockThe fact that one man's memory can inspire this much love in the hearts of millions is God-like.
Zo3hree5iveSeriously... I'm so grateful that this memorial brought MJ's MUSICAL and HUMANITARIAN legacy to the forefront.
rhettmaticman......that shit hurt.
phontigalloSo sad to hear MJ referred to as "Daddy." That really puts things in perspective.
MERC80Entertainer. Humanitarian. Icon. Brother. And a father. This memorial captured it.
houseshoesOne of one.
omgitsBFKIcon_lock"the king of pop must bow his knee to the king of kings."
Buff1derThat was perfect. RIP KING.
Chali2naMay Allah expose Michael's Good deeds and mask his faults. Like Sharpton said remember him for his message not his mess!
fuzzfantabHats off to the Jackson family and AEG for sharing this with us. TRULY done IN CLASS.
djhaylowthere should REALLY be a Michael Jackson Day. His birthday should be observed worldwide.

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