Do Over Madness!!

Season 5 is well under way, and this past weekend was surely historic. Everyone was lookin hot, the music was on full blast, and the sangrizzle never stopped flowin. Hella new faces were among the crowd, but all the classic Do Over buddies were in effect as well. PBWolf, [surprise guest] Queen Latifah, Medusa, and parking lot pimp Terrance Howard were among the faces seen at Cranes. DJ's GLK, Adam 12, Dam-Funk, Dez and House Shoes KILLLLLLLLED it all day and night.

It was so dope, even I was in a tizzy:


Here are the highlights:


make em NV.
(shouts to Al for the bogus pic of me lol, and the one of my LA piece. lotsoluv.)

for more Do Over pics from my new photo partner in crime, Al:


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