Karriem Riggins with Herbie Hancock, Elton John, Diana Krall on Sundance's Spectacle

Some of you know me. Some of you wish you knew me. Some of you will meet me. I am here. And in other news, Karriem Riggins is playing with LEGENDS. This is what Kyla means when she says "Get Rich." Pay attention, and if you are recession-proof enough to still have cable, check out these performances. You will not regret it.

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 1, 2009 (THE JAE.B GROUP) – Luminary drummer and hip-hop producer Karriem Riggins will be in good company, performing with Herbie Hancock, Elton John, and Diana Krall on Sundance’s new series Spectacle: Elvis Costello With…

Riggins was called upon to play drums on two of the season’s episodes, first with Herbie Hancock (airing February 4th 9:00 PM EST), and second with Diana Krall, with whom he tours, on an episode also featuring Elton John (airing February 18th 9:00 PM EST).

A virtuoso, Riggins has taken love and molded it into life through his talents and passion. He moved from Detroit to New York City at 19 where he played with, and was mentored by jazz great Betty Carter.

From there his career-to-date has been spent playing with legends of Jazz and the most influential voices of Hip-Hop. From recording with Oscar Peterson and Ray Brown to touring with Kanye West, Common, and more, he has spread across the gamut between genres. He has produced songs for Erykah Badu, The Roots, and Talib Kweli and played drums behind Bobby Hutchinson, Donald Byrd, and now Herbie Hancock.

Riggins currently lives in Los Angeles, and is working on his first self-titled album, showcasing his unique range as a producer, drummer, and emcee. His collaboration with Los Angeles native multi-instrumentalist Madlib entitled The Supreme Team is slated for a 2009 release on Stones Throw Records.

Spectacle: Elvis Costello With… showcases performances by legendary music acts of the past 40 years, as well as discourse on topics between music and life; from one-on-one interviews to themed panel discussions. Spectacle, about halfway through it’s first season, has thus-far featured President Bill Clinton, Tony Bennett, The Police, and Norah Jones among other sonic dignitaries.

More info on showtimes can be found at the sundance channel's website.

What i'm trying to tell you is.... act like you know, then you won't look stupid...

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