inner bling: metaphysical activism

hey bnb family. would love to share a great event happening friday, 08.08.08. come thru for an hour or two & catch a good vibe


VIBE DEMONSTRATION part Metaphysical Activism, part street-art installation.We are gathering as many like-minded souls as possible to stand united in the name of CONSCIOUS FREEDOM.

Our purpose is two-fold:

* to broadcast our message of Spiritual/mental awareness, in particular our global responsibility as vibratory beings in the creation of a better world by CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSING the thoughts and feelings we as individuals choose to entertain.

* to create an unusual and novel event in the streets of Los Angeles

When: August 08, 2008 6pm

Where: Los Angeles, CA, The intersection of Santa Monica and LaBrea

How: All volunteers will peacefully gather @ the intersection, holding art-poster signs AND the intention of creating and exhibiting positive vibration.

The demonstration is sponsored by preAMP+

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