Friend Of The Week..


1. In one word describe to us who u are. ? Laid back

2. What would you say is your greatest strength? I've always been able to read people for who they are, and that has helped me alot in my life. It makes it easier to put up with peoples bullshit when they throw it your way

3. Do you have any misconstrued things about you? I guess people think I went to school for photography, but i'm all self taught.

4. If you would to win a million dollars. What is the first thing you would do or buy? The first thing I would do is set up my sons college trust fund..got get me a shot of johnnie walker blue, and thank the Lord for blessing me!

5. Your momma always said? you'll get in trouble for hanging with you cousins and the rest of them gang members one day! ( and she was right) !

6. MOst memorable photo u have ever taken and why? There are a few that come to mind, but i'll have to say my shot of Ali Shaheed Muhammad! Tribe has been my favorite group period, and to finally meet that cat and get a shot was one of those life milestones.

7. You thank GOD everyday that (other then you're alive)...?for the talent he has giving me , and for the people in my life that help me to see that i was doing dumb shit that was gone get me killed.

8. You hate it most when people..?Are fake and to hollywood wit a brotha! I have a low tolerance for arrogance and ignorance! If i feel as the someone might not like then don't be fake about that shit tell me whats going down so we don't have to fuck with each other. I show alot of love to people and when I feel like i'm getting spit in the face then i'm cool on you period!

I got more things in my life then to worry about some fake ass person who might not like me or what i do. You only get one chance with me, fuck that up and i won't even acknolwedge your exsistence at all..no fake ass pounds or hugs. I don't care what people think of me. Those that know me undertsand that i'm cool as fuck and i'm quik to tell a cat fuck you and keep it movin...lol sorry that got a tad bit long!


10 . Additional info you want us to blog i. e upcoming shows,cd release date etc.
Hopefully looking to have an photo show some time next year, and to start working on my book also...
** To see some of Kris perry's work check out his myspace.

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