Healthy = Happy.

Over the past few weeks, Ive been thinking about health issues a lot. Our world is in a state of transition right now, and spirituality, health, and the economy are really of much more importance than we previously acknowledged.

Within our generation, many of us seem to think we are invincible. We hardly ever sleep, we eat takeout and drink liquor for days; we do 'whatever' with little to no regard for our bodies. I am guilty of these vices.

Its weird, cuz, lately several people have asked me about Phife Dawg's health. People know he and I go way back, and its pretty much general knowledge in the hip hop community that hes been sick for the past several years. Phife has advanced diabetes, and has dealt with it since the 90's, but over time it has progressed adversely.

I want to drop a health jewel on everyone today. I want to encourage everyone to care for themselves internally, and to maximize their quality of life.

Watch this video, people, and learn a little more detail about Phife's situation. Then take time and evaluate your lifestyle as well.

(kyLA loves Phife aka Malik Taylor)

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