BNB Artist Spotlight : Marcus Omari

but i sometimes think "literacy" did.

I wanted to feature an artist of a slightly different caliber than the usual blacknbling steez. We often talk rap, we know about fashion, dj's are our forte, but today we are going to talk poetry.

The poetry scene (and yes, it is a 'scene') is one that sometimes gets a bad rap. We often think poetry and quickly associate earthy kids and rhythmic jabber and giant words that we cant understand. But aside from those shallow stereotypes, orators/griots and writers are an amazing sect within the artistic community. I want to take a minute and feature one of my favorite orators, Marcus Omari.


Before There was Home... (for j.h.)
by Marcus Omari

Posted by waters
Dream catching what's left
of the sun-setting
and stuffing its mysteries
beneath the waves like
love notes in a bra

the shore patrol
comes upon sheets with
flood lights and bullhorns
dislocating young lovers
from their sand sockets
herding dry-humpers home

And then there is me
of freshly mauled pen
of grisly gray hood
vagrant of verse skewered on
pier bench slow roasting
meat of memory

(to the marrow to the ash to dust)

Perhaps the smell of
lambs blood smeared thick in
the margins of my
abandoned thoughts has deterred
the will of the wolf
patrol this evening

Perhaps he too has
lost the sense of here
and now and then lost
the scent of her true loving
along rivers bled
longing into bays

Unrousted broken
love compass of souls
now unrequited
leaving the true and living
wretched of the earth
to go undisturbed

The hour of exit encroaches
with a chill wind leashed and muzzled
the rats as well have come
poking their heads out
for the right of way

I leave what crumbs
of humanity I have
left as homage

And head homeward
to be anointed in the temple
of your touch
anguish in the angles
of your arcs
expire in the breath
of your benevolence

for more on Marcus Omari, go to www.myspace.com/marcusomari

and here, todays gift from BNB is...knowledge:

1. www.junejordan.com

2. http://nikki-giovanni.com/bio.shtml

3. www.saulwilliams.com

and if worst comes to worst, and you still dont get how this whole poetry thing works, open the liner notes of a hip hop album and just read the lyrics aloud. that is POETRY.


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