The Nitty Gritty : Frank Nitt Goes to The Roots // Badu show

Today we have a guest blogger, yall. As you know, Frank Nitt (of Frank-N-dank) has joined up with the BNBling team, so today he's giving us the full report on The Roots // E.Badu show that cracked off the Detroit. Here's what he had to say:

The Nitty Gritty:

whats poppin peoples! ya boy nitty here and i hope all is well, now!!! so i went to see my peoples last night(the roots/E.badu)at the fox theatre here in detroit,and the plan was to hang out with the homeboys(big shout to philly frank)and not only see the roots show but to see e's show which i haven't seen in a long time. i had the privelige of doing some dates with the roots in europe(big shout to dankery harv) so their brand of craziness was still fresh in my mind...so that was the plan. yup that was the plan all the way up to the gate where you could access the tour buses and backstage. at the same time i arrived one of the stars of the show, black thought showedup as well and he had two friends with him. their names were patron and backwoods!!!!!now er'body yup er'body that knows nitty knows that i partake in a little marijuana...for medicinal purposes only..lol thats funny!!and while i sip socially i don't be goin all in on the drinks,that was when i was young whipper snapper!!!!but sometime when in rome. so patron shots for er'body yup er'body.after we head to the stage for the roots show, and it was everything you would think and then some! from the tuba player to frankie knuckles doin crowd participation and of course black thought, quest,kamal and the rest of the band was in top form. what more can i say the roots are the best hip hop band period!at this point i should start telling you about ms. badu's show but nooooo! see nitty made the mistake of going back to the bus and kickin it with those friends thought had with him and.....lets just say i aint seen no parts of the badu show!!!! all i could do was get in the passenger seat of the homeboy coop's whip and put in "The Concert Hall EP" thats my joint due out in june single "Automatic" out now download it!! you like that plug right? nitty be using them jedi mind tricks.anyways theres a lesson to be learned here kids and that is when u go to a show and theres two good acts playing wait till after the show to hang on the bus and "The Concert Hall EP" will get u to the crib safe and sound if u don't! peace

Frank Nitt


  1. I like frankie! This was great! I hope I can make it to the LA show!!

  2. hahaha, sounds like you had fun Frank!


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