It's Gotta Be The Shoes : In the wake of the JDilla MCA leak...

This is taken from House Shoes myspace blog. I thought it was important to share, and an important way to start off the week at BNB. For those who dont know, there is an MCA album that got leaked that was among the last of the Dilla archive that was to see the light of day. Its still in question who the culprit is, but I know Ive seen that shit on at least 2 other blogs with links with smiley faces and JDilla avatars next to it. ...pissed me the eff off. So, heres Shoes take on the situation.

Take heed.


"i thought i would repost this to remind yall how many cocksuckers we still got out here.

some brilliant fucking genius thought it was his right to hand out the final works from the vault

to get brownie points on a gay ass messageboard. fuck pretty much all of yall.

october 17th 2007

When i first registered on okp it was because a cocksucker was bootleggin jays shit.

I posted my usual scathing shit, and shut the motherfucker down.

Then there was the lunchbox fiasco.

Shut that motherfucker down.

My sole purpose on this shit has been to hold my man down.

And thats what the fuck I have done.

From day fucking one.

Before there was an okayplayer.com.

And it will continue until I take my last breath.

Now, the problem with yall motherfuckers is, yall talk
this dilla shit so big, but what the fuck have u done?

I post about the Dilla/Lupus walk and the post gets maybe a hundred views and a couple replies.

Fiascogate gets 18000 views and 500 replies.


Jay-Z's new single leaks and theres an anchored post.

I call bullshit.

Yall aint about dilla.

Yall just havin a contest to see who got more of the beat cd's.

If I put a post up titled "MCA ALBUM! LINK!"

Every motherfucker on the site would peep that shit.

I call bullshit.

And Von....

Its about solidarity and coming together for a common cause.

And puttin in work.

It takes a lot more than rapping over welcome 2 detroit to make a fucking difference.

Cats know who the fuck Jay was.

And if they didnt know before he was gone... FUCK EM.

They missed the bus... And got on the bandwagon.

I was at the same party in the D yall was at.

I did it for free.

and gave every dollar in my pocket to madukes.

About a buck fifty.

u seen that with your own 2 eyes.

U seen me stop the fucking show and put the bucket on the table.

U seen me get that bitch filled up in under a minute.

And i am by no means a fat pocket having motherfucker.

But i have helped raise over $15000 for Madukes.

She needs that money more than I do.

And for those who didnt know, she was diagnosed w lupus last year.

You went to a lot of "jay dee parties"?

good for u.

I hope u had a great time.

And you went to the site and saw that a thousand people had
signed up.

so you didnt really need to go.


That would have been a nice way to pay for rhymin over his whole fuckin album.

A 3 mile walk that took a little over an hour.

to show appreciation.
to show respect.
to raise awareness of his killer.

So fuck a tshirt, fuck an rip dilla in your sig.

fuck a dilla avy.

that shit dont make a difference.

at all...

If you talk that changed my life shit, then make a fucking difference.

Walk the fucking walk.

Get that bread up.

until then...

keep on downloading.
keep ..tin songs over dilla beats that u could never afford to pay "tribute" to a man that was all about gettin his bread.

Dilla changed your life?

How bout Lupus took his life.

And yall dont give a fuck about that.

I stand for making a difference.

Y'all dont stand for a motherfucking thing.

So lay back down.

Just like you were on saturday morning."

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