Def Sound "Something" Review

yo yo yo!
I just finished listening to Def Sound's new album "Something."

It's filled with bangers like "Spaz" which is probably the best single of the album.
its got a real uptempo beat the wil start any party off.
The Cd starts off with a song called "A Song about Something" definitely check it out
Theres a bonus track "25 x 1" (Feat. Marc Payne) which samples Angela Bofill.
Vann Clayton produced the best song "Last Song of my Life."
"The Interview" sounds like a young Jay in his heyday.
"Last Night" (Feat. Lite, Mike Nova, & Carlos Jr.) is such a visual song. the video to this is gonna be crazy.
For all you sneaker-heads out there, i'm sure you'll like "Junkie"

Definitely get a copy of his album at Def Sound's "Something" Release Party @ The Temple Bar on May 20th.

oh yeah here's a alternate album cover:

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