I Just Heard Another Dope Album!

Chris Clarke - Your Man Universal

I'm been anticipating this record for awhile, and when I finally got my copy directly handed to me I had to bump it for a week straight. Here's my thoughts on the record

Cali Chop - Nice Start Off Record. Real Laid back feel.

This Year - Nice Drum Loop! Real introspective song. Hip Hop to the fullest.

House Parties too - Real funky vibe. Real reminiscent of Madlib / Oh No. It's an actual party on record!

U Know U Want It - A song for the ladies, made by some real guys. The production value on this song is great.

Sativa - The bass crazy kickin' intro. A break beat type hip hop record.

Something So Separate. Hardcore underground hip hop at its finest. This track is probably the darkest on the record.

Dodo Stick - Weed song...hahaha everyones gotta have one. You gotta pass the blunt while listening to this song.

Bubblin Bod - Real Sa-Ra like with a fresh new sound/vibe.

These are just a lil tid bits from the album.

Make sure to check out Chris's myspace at www.myspace.com/chrisclarke133

If you think you got a hot album, email it to val@blacknbling.

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