Lets get right into it today, yall. Anybody who knows blacknbling, knows we love the word EXCLUSIVE. So we're gonna officially declare this "THE MONDAY EXCLUSIVE".

So here's what we got:

BNB newbie Frank Nitty hit us off with a brand new track off his forthcoming EP "The Concert Hall" entitled "AUTOMATIC". This track is a surefire banger, and is sure to keep Nitty on your mind. BNB has the exclusive download of "AUTOMATIC" right here, right now!


"AUTOMATIC" - Frank Nitty

We love you Frank.

Also, the Bling Team has got some maaaajor business on the horizon. Right now we're working on a West Coast blacknbling art show tour ft. photos by kyLA and music from the BNB Sound Machine. The tour is slated for Summer 08, beginning in June out in the OC at a secret location. We'll also be collabing with REHAB // Scratch DJ Academy on a show, and then following up with a HUGE blacknbling gallery // website launch party.

Speaking of websites, we're currently developing the official blacknbling.com page. This is going to change all of your lives, seriously. blacknbling.com will soon be your one stop shop for all things dope, so go ahead and getcha mind right.

Oh, and I know we told yall in the beginning of this whole BNB art movement that we dont just do photography, but now we're about to prove it. The first blacknbling music series compilation is in the developmental stages, and is going to be HOT FIYA upon completion. It is not a game yall!

I feel like Im revealing too much...

So anyway party people, weve got some huge things coming up in the land of the Bling, so stay in tune with us all the time.

We also had a great weekend. Shout out to CRAC Knuckles, Noni Limar, Jac, Debz, Jen, Dreamz, Nita, Ninja Simone, "the .one's", and all the homies that came out to Soul Sessions for the CRAC release party. And much love to everyone who supported Soundlessons with Waajeed on Saturday.


We're on the come up yall. And weve only just begun.

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