Friend OF The Week.


1. In one word describe to us who u are....."soundbwoy".

2. What would you be doing if it wasn’t for music?....."informing the youth of the danger in both "fronting" and "biting", and their long lasting affects on the cardiovascular and nervous systems".

3. Tell us one secret, one truth, and one lie about you?......"i own serato, it's still on the box, i'm a big fan of neon shirts and tight pants".

4. Any guilty pleasures?"......"i got hose like firemen" & "i'd rather take a swim with cayman".

5. Your momma always said?...."life is like a box of kalbi...cook it before it goes bad".

6. How has blacknbling changed your life?...."i now know that i have a deep-seeded inner bling that helps me when i'm down. just knowing that it's there has made me alot more confident in social situations like going to the mall or to parties".
7. If you could punch anybody in the face who would it be?....."haha holdup, lemme access my entire "Punch In The Face" hard drive...this'll take a sec.well i'll just start wit George W. Bush...but there's way too many, on a bunch of different levels".

8. To BLING or not to BLING?...."i am of the mindset that "it's time to make'em NV".

9. Additional info you want us to blog i.e. upcoming shows,cd release date etc.....
BOOMBOX every 1st Saturday of the month @ The Grand Star in Chinatown... www.myspace.com/BOOMBOXLosAngeles be about it.
hit my page to keep up wit me and my happenings (events, playlists, podcasts, product, rants, and more) www.myspace.com/INKA_ONE be my fuckin friend.
much RESPECT to the BLACKnBLING fam.

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