Artist Spotlight : Frank Nitty

blacknbling is ready for the big time, yall. We're welcoming new members to our network, and wanted to shed some light on one of our brand new affiliates:

Frank is major business. Coming out of Detroit, you know Frank as one half of Dillaholic super-group Frank-N-Dank. Frank is an ultra dope emcee / producer, and BNB has a lot of love for this guy. Plus he's partially responsible for one of my favorite songs on Welcome To Detroit : PAUSE.

So heres the deal with Frank Nitty:
Hes got a new EP in the works called the Concert Hall. It's produced by Young RJ and Craig Lane, and has an exclusive feature from Big Pooh of Little Brother (aka our homie lol).
Frank describes The Concert Hall as "...some new sounding shit" and we cant wait to hear it.

Nitty is also busy at the crib makin beats. He gave BNB a special little listen to some of his new tracks, and they are HEATERS! Frank's got beats for sale people, so holler at us or holler at him directly if youre interested in making a purchase. Amp up your next project with a couple Frank Nitty beats.

Anyway, yall keep in tune with BNB. We have several new additions to the crew coming soon, aaaaand some new stuff bubblin on the music tip. So just check with us, on the real.

To get at Frank Nitt, go to www.myspace.com/franknittdigipop

ps go cop that Frank-N-Dank European Vacation DVD. now.

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