Stache, Sounds, and "THE DEER"


Thursday night at tRIPBOOGIE was a huge celebration of life, love and family. The Animal Kingdom and BNB shared in the one year anniversary as well as a huge party for birthday boys J1 aka "THE DEER" and Andres, The Eagle.

The nights theme was all about the SLEEZY STACHE Brigade, and the whole bar was filled with mustache-bearing party-goers. I guess mustaches are the new thing for '08, and of course BNB are the ones starting the trend. We had everyone from Proh Mic, House Shoes, Black Spade, Prince Po and Inka.One rockin the 'stache to random people at the bar with them on. Even the taco man we hired for the night was seen with a 'stache!

The night was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it possible. And infinite love to J1, "THE DEER" for being the backbone to this whole shit. We love you so much.

Check out the slideshow here, then go to flickr to steal YOUR pic from tRIPBOOGIE. Monday is "Mustache Monday" on Myspace, so all you BNBlog readers put your mustache pic up as your default!! Don't have a mustache pic yet? Holla at BNB and we'll make sure you get one.

Theres a message behind us rockin the 'staches, which will be revealed on Monday morning, so stay tuned!

We love you.

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