BNB Welcomes...

Hey yall. Weve updated the cast a little bit. Got two major additions to the BNBlog.

First we have the one and only DJ House Shoes, Detroit's finest and LA's favorite piece of white chocolate. Shoes has been a major supporter of BNB since the very beginning, and he is a part of the mastermind team that developed the blacknbling cartoon.
Shoes has been a big influence on the hip hop culture over the past several years, and hes been our homie the last couple years. House Shoes is one of the dopest crazy people Ive ever met. So get ready...

Secondly, Team BNB welcomes Def Sound. Def is the new hot shit. Theres no other way I can think to say it. He is the future. Def is an all around artist, and will be contributing to the blog on a topic we havent really touched yet : FASHION. blacknbling is all about looking/being/feeling RICH, and Def is going to shed some light on trends, style, no-no's and secret spots to get the dopest stuff.
I asked Def to describe himself in 5 words and this is what he said:
"down to earth closer 2 mars"
Nuff said.

So get ready people. This is not a game. We are covering all bases. The BNBlog is and will always be your one stop spot for all things amazing. Keep it fresh, keep it current, and above all GET RICH yall. Love.


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