Rant of The Week (Brought 2 You By AIM)


I own my own opinions. Do You??

(Just an off the record convo with a friend I decided 2 record)

Def: Word. Something I have learned as an artist is most critics assumptions will still be off...which is why they are critics NOT artists
Def: which is why "Something" (the album) will have commentary
Def: if you buy the special edition
Def: and its hard 4 u 2 labor over something for like 9 months and someone tries 2 tell you what its about
Def: its like your baby
Def: but u gotta let ur baby walk
Def: and dress himself (or herself) @ somepoint
Def: and let the world judge it
Def: u’ll still be proud of ur baby no matter what people say about it

Sun-Sun: and i apologize for telling you what ur baby was about last night
Def: I mean dont trip... u just wanted 2 get it
Def: like u wanted 2 understand it
Def: and thats the point
Def: and sometimes I get abstract in what I mean by saying it in a way thats more entertaining to me instead of being more straight foreward, like the car has gas so it goes. I would say the car hit up shell fed itself whatever washed up on its shore whatever...
Def: cuz plain music or art is boring 2 me
Def: but sometimes its not about me
Def: its a hard lesson 4 me...I’m still learning
Def:and I know it will only get worse the bigger I get, cuz the more people that hear it the more assumptions will be made
Def: the more my baby will get made fun of
Def: or told what it is campable of
Def: I’m confident when I say "Something" will be a slow burn
Def: niggas wont get it for a couple years
Def: literally white people are my biggest fans already
Def: they get it
Def: lol

Sun-Sun: when arent white ppl a fan of black music!
Sun-Sun: they fuckin love us
Def: always
Sun-Sun: they want to be us now.
Def: but they know they place
Def: as far as supporters go I’m talking as far as supporters go
Def: like they know how 2 just be supporters and JUST support
Def: and as much as it sucks 2 say....black’s dont
Sun-Sun: sometimes...
Def: whites are more of the stans if anything
Def: blacks try 2 tell you how 2 do ya thing..especially when you dont ask
Def: cuz we cant just say congrats
Sun-Sun: true.
Def: cuz we always tryin 2 compete with eachother
Def: instead of just saying thats dope
Def: bam!

Sun-Sun: yep
Def: Or I will support and buy ur album
Def: white’s just buy it.Keep it pushin and wait 4 the next shit u drop...
Sun-Sun: yep
Sun-Sun: lol
Def: trust me I know this shit from experience...I wont front I want all the support of EVERYBODY!
Sun-Sun: so true
Def:or they try and help u push ur shit and tell their friends
Def: I'm not sayin this isnt always the case but I'm talking the masses as supporters...No matter how fresh it is...blacks listen say that shit is "Cool" and talk about how wack ur next shit will be...
Sun-Sun: lol
Def: but it wont with me
Def: I wont ever get worse
Def: its gonna be a scary year....

If you weren't TOTALLY offended and are still here with me
and If you came to my post 2 peep something cool
I wont disappoint
peep the wing tips
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  1. that nigga def owe me 12 dollars.


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