DJ Top 5

Here's some dope tracks to be lookin for:

1. Buff1 - Pretty Baby. Produced by the Lab Techs. Detroit's Rapper of the Year released this 12'' with B-side "Supreme (Feat. Guilty Simpson)" He'll be making a guest appearance at the Spliff this Friday!

2. Black Milk & Fat Ray - The Setup. Black Milk takesover Production, Fat Ray is a beast on the mic.

3. Def Sound - Last Song of My Life. Produced by Vann Clayton. Definitely catch a Def Sound show if you get a chance.

4. Pete Rock - The PJ's. Raekwon guest spits on this one. Real laid back song. Smoke a L to this one!

5. Shania D - Do You Wanna?. Definitely check this chick out. She's a threat to the industry - Writer/Producer/Singer/DJ.

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  1. geneva!!! i know what you talkin bout val. I love UUUUUUUUU


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