The Big Cheese vs. The State of Hip Hop

So...I went to the Pete Rock thing at LAX. It was kinda like "us vs. them" the whole night among the club goers, cuz theres a bunch of us hip hop heads in there who are only there for the music and for Pete Rock himself, and then theres a bunch of jiggy ass people looking clueless and/or grinding on the dancefloor(who I assume are the target market for a club of this type). Now, dont get me wrong, Im not hating on the event itself at all (much love to JKim, CRAC Knux, etc) Im just saying that it sucks that people werent really there for Pete/the music.
The club itself was packed, and I must admit I fall guilty to the "Im on the guestlist" mentality this go round. The club hit capacity before midnight, so they were mad selective on who they were letting in. What sucked is that they were letting in the jiggies, and not the heads who were really there for Pete Rock. But, I digress (I havent gotten to formally digress in a minute). Anyway, I just feel like it would have been twenty times doper if the heads who were really there to enjoy the night, the music and the atmosphere werent all stuffed in the back corners of the spot just trying to make it through the night. And it would have been ultra dope if the posers had really taken a minute away from their apple martini's and boobs and spiked hair to respond/react to the dopeness that Pete was bringing.
I dunno, maybe its just me, but nights like this make me fear for our musical culture. I feel like shit is on the decline, and all us real heads are trying to cling on for dear life to what we know is true. Its dope that we can co-exist with the rest of the world, but yo I feel like in a minute all we'll have left to nod our heads to is stuff like this:

and thats a major problem. your thoughts?

<3, kyLA.


  1. shit is really going downward, I mean just listen to the radio. They play the same damn 10 songs OVER & OVER again!
    I had to DJ a party and they were asking me to play some T-pain "Apple Bottom" song(that i didnt have since i dont respect T-pain at all)
    so i quickly downloaded it and played , once it was over they wanted me to play it again....and again WTF???

    shit is gettin crucial, we need to make that change!

  2. i agree whole heartedly, and unfortunately, people don't pay attention to underground enough. There are some truly talented folx out there but they aren't getting any cred cuz no one knows who they are...and my question is...how are we going to know of them if a light doesn't shine upon them by the "media" and what not. It's gettin hard out here for a true hip hop head....


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