This weekend was pretty damn eventful.  The BNB posse was all over the city, 'staches in tow, gettin crunk wit it as much as humanly possible.  Heres the rundown:

Thursday : Tripboogie

The usual suspects had it poppin down at Carbon on Thurs.  We added a few new members to the Sleezy Stache Brigade, who will be revealed in a later update.  The crowd was jumpin and it was packed all night long.  Newcomers GroWeyez and Val the Vandle, along with J1 and Chris Cuts, served up the dopeness on the turntables from start to finish.  


Everybody got their party on.  A few of our favorite hooligans even "leaned like a cholo"!


So all in all it was a good night.

Then Friday kyLA and BFK headed out to Firecracker, for the Barak Obama // JDilla party with Rhettmatic and Azul.  I think I might be back in love with Firecracker.  The photos turned out dope, I didnt have any liquor, and I had a really good time.  The music was amazerbling!!  Lustmatic n dem put it down!  And Azul makes a damn good host.  



We got to hear all our favorite songs played by LA's favorite DJ, Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies crew.  I even put my lighter in the air...ooooweee!!


and then there was Saturday.  Boombox.  Lord Have Mercy...

Boombox was an adventure.  The whole world was there.  I kabillion people piled into grand star in the name of JDilla and it was quite an experience.




The Boombox resident DJs held it down, and special guests House Shoes, Exile, Blu, Illa J and Elzhi reeeeeally had the place knockin.  The crowd was insane.  You woulda had to be there...

But for now, Look at the pics here:

This upcoming weekend we'll be at NIGHTLIFE at the knitting factory.  This is an absolute must for your social calendar.  
BNB is still collecting money for the "BNB Loves JDilla" campaign.  ALL proceeds go directly to the JDilla Foundation, and we're only asking $10. Come on yall, you owe him at least that.  Break bread.  Live free.

love yall.


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