VerBS - The Progress Ep 2: Fuck YEa MAn

VerBS - The Progress Ep 2: Fuck YEa MAn

1.Stop Acting like a Douche (prod. Affinity)
2.Trail (prod.FUDD)
3.Gifted (prod. Cloud)
4.Superhero prod . (Cloud)
5.Journey to Fame (REMIX) ft. Brandon Wronski of Eye Alaska (prod. Vann Clayton)
6.Sing my Song ft. Brezzy Love Joy (prod.Block Cheddar)
7.Im on ft. Nocando (prod.Thavius Beck)
8.Looking at My Boost (prod. Prolific)
9.I just think your cool ft. L.Scatterbrain & Alpha MC (prod.L.Scatterbrain)
10.Gravitation (prod.Stevo)
11.What we Do ft. Surrilla (prod.Soul Speak)
12.Pass the Tea ft SLik d (prod. Cam)
13.1,2,3,4 ft Versis & Sevenday (prod. Jlisted)
14.Comfortable (PIZZA Remix)
15.Go Go Go ft Sirah
16.Bitches (prod. Jlisted)
17.One Day (prod. Jlisted)

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