What are you currently working on?

One of the biggest ventures I've been working on is "LAStereo TV" (www.LAStereo.TV) It's video web-series that I, and my partner, M-Boogie(SHE'S BEASTIN' THE VIDEO GAME) have been grindin to get to the forefront of this multi-media industry. Trying to release the next volumes of my Taste Buds mixtape series (peep www.thespliffla.com, to pick up the first 2) , organizing the re-emergence of my monthly showcase, The SPLIFF LA - still pushing this LA movement! Residencies @ Little Temple Bar (Every Last Wednesday-Grasshopper), @Blue Goose Lounge(Every First Saturday-GetUp). Consulting for a bunch of different artists, I feel like connecting the dots from producer to MC, song structure to concepts, etc. is a very important aspect of music and I'm here to help however I can. Currently helping a duo that goes by the name of Belvi & Richard Wright. Check out for them!!! I'm also working on getting out to different cities in the states/world to spin and connect with the people (ATTN Promoters - Holla at me for booking, haha)

Have you done any shows/ tours/ collabs since BNB last heard from you?  If so, who are you working with?

Held down the PAID DUES outdoor stage this past Spring. Shout out to everybody that ripped the show...Currently on tour with U-N-I / Strong Arm Steady / Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek on the Revolutions Per Minute tour. I've been working closely with Diz Gibran / Moonshine (www.diznmoon.com) on a mixtape to release some unreleased material (think Nas' The Lost Tapes). Recently, I've been collaborating with a bunch of FRESH new artists out of Riverside Inland Empire area-  Killer producers like J Bizness, Curtiss King, Jansport J, etc. MC's like Speak / Pheo. / Noa James / Dre Biggity & a real DOPE group called Tomorrow Yesterday. Constantly collabing with other DJ's - Printz Paul / Spintelect / C'est La Vie / LP / Tommy Blak / Joelskee

BNB's forever gonna be a huge fan of yours, BUT who are YOU a fan of these days?
Maaan! I can't even front. Jay Electronica is one of those dudes I really been checking for. Ever since House Shoes put me up on game....another ill group I'm buggin over is SA-RA Creative Partners-they're kinda like the home-town heroes, Shafiq is doin his THANG! Banging abuncha Mayer Hawthorne / Dam-Funk & Master Blazter, these guys are changing the way people listen to and feel music.

If you could put together your dream tour, who would it include? 

It's funny, i was on my way to San Diego and I was playing a BlacknBling playlist i created on my iPod. A bunch of DJ Quik, DILLA, The Roots, & Tony Toni Tone was bumpin thru the speakers, and i thought "Damn! What if these guys toured together? It would be MASSIVE"

Anything else you wanna say to the people?

Uhhh yeahhhh, If you see me in the streets, say what up....I'm not the VANDLE you may think I am, I'm a pretty nice guy.  PEACE!!!!!

*Attachment*  Skeet (of DKLA) - "What What (No Fuzz)" (Produced by DJ Val the Vandle)
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