BNB Artist Checkin-In

What are you currently working on?

Tone: Finishing up the  second music release out of The Art Of Ink line, entitled "AOI: Pens and Needles". Also beginning to map out the AOI coffee table book as well. Those are top of the agenda projects, but definitely focusing on production placements a lot more this year too. Really just focusing on expanding, and prepping my formula to do so.

Have you done any collabs since BNB last heard from you? 

Tone: Umm...nope. I'm a horrible friend. There's a couple...Lazy Genius...LaNiece McKay...CEL...C Reid. Other than that, I'm on my quiet storm ish.

Who are you working with? 

I am really excited about a record I had the chance to be apart of by the homie Woodz. It's called The Secret. I think he's gonna blindside everybody. I can't wait until its ready.

BNB's forever gonna be a huge fan of yours, BUT who are YOU a fan of these days?

Tone: Crown Nation, Oli Rockberger, MonicaBlaire, Marv Won, and the rest of my friends. Aside from that, Jay Elec...Nipsey Hustle...Dead Weather...The Gorillaz...anything fresh.

If you could put together your dream tour, who would it include?

Tone: Breakfast Club...Live. With Karriem, Amp, Frap, Dez, and a bunch of other bananabread musician's we know as the band.

Anything else you wanna say to the people?

Tone: Support God music. 5000, G.

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