Free Kutmah!

I don't like most people. I feel like most people have concealed agendas. They run game on you (even in regular conversation) in order to move themselves closer to their own personal goals, often with little respect given to where you are and how this all might affect you.

People snitch. And fuck that.

I met Justin "Kutmah" McNulty years ago, and in those YEARS, I have never ONCE felt like he had any agenda other than where he was, and who he was. He is a genuine human being, and he deserves a hell of a lot more shine than we as a community give him. Not going into exactly how this all came about, suffice it to say it seems that the INS (Immigration) were "tipped" off as to his less than legit green card (read: Stop Snitchin').

Kutmah was picked up in the morning on May 5th (read: Guns and Badges -- fuckery).

He is in Nex Mexico in a detention center.

He is one of the most important DJs in our community. And I dare any of you to argue that with me.

In advance. If you disagree, you're wrong.

What you NEED to do, is go to www.FreeKutmah.com

There is a petition. There are email addresses. Do your part to save someone's LIFE today, and if you're too selfish to do that, then do it to save your own EARS.


Tweet it. Face book it. Picket Signs. Whatever man.

Do your thing, but make it happen.

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