Rhyme in Peace Guru: You'll Be Missed

There are countless emcee's who do everything they do today, because of the foundation they were able to come up surrounded by. I won't front and tell anyone that I see myself as an artist because of Guru, but i know that he influenced the people who made (and continue to make) me who I am.

I had a solid back and forth with fam on twitter today, wherein the question was posed: "Who is the evolutionary equivalent today [of that era of music]?"

Answer: Time will tell, and names come to mind, but for them to even be comparable they'll need to find staying power. Staying power like "Mass Appeal," "Soliloquy of Chaos," and "Moment of Truth."

Guru was yesterday, is today, and will still be relevant tomorrow. Think on that longevity. Kids learned about music because of this man. Learned about substance and quality in music -- because of Guru and Gang Starr.

Big shoes to fill...

Feels like they always are (read: Dilla, Proof, Big L, Pac, B.I.G, Pun, Guru, Ol' Dirty)...

If any of the aforementioned legends -- fathers of their own styles -- find the time or inclination to drop bars up there, you can rest assured it's one helluva session.

Respect. Prosperity. Power.

Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal

Safe travels to Kieth "Guru" Elam.


P.S. - Solar: Go Away. Forreal... You, unlike Guru, are totally irrelevant and a disgrace to your former comrades.

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