#MM Trek Life + J.Bizness - Rhymes Within Reason EP

BNB loves both of these dudes. Check out their latest:

Trek Life and J.Bizness proudly present to you Rhymes Within Reason, a 10 song EP entirely produced by Illregular Insrumental's own J.Bizness for free download through trekcamp.bandcamp.com. With Trek Life as the main emcee, this album also features rhymes and vocals from Oddisee, Wyann Vaughn, Richard Wright, Mykestro, Ragen Fykes and many more.  Combining a true West Coast sound with hard drums and gritty chops, J.Bizness sets the perfect backdrop for Trek Life and features to paint vivid hip-hop portraits, leaving the listener with no choice but to "run that back again."

About the artists:

Along with being 2008 West Coast Regional Red Bull Beat Battle winner, J.Bizness has worked with Ras Kass, LMNO, Buff1, Danny Brown, Richard Wright and many more to bring a melodic yet raw sound to the table.  Rhymes within Reason is the first of many upcoming projects from J.Bizness in 2010 including a song on Little Brother's final album Left Back and a series of 3 song EPs with various artist called "3Ps" for free release on rappersiknow.com.


Trek Life has worked with several known artists, from Bishop Lamont to Kev Brown and rocked over production from DJ Khalil, DJ Babu, Evidence, Oddisee and many more.  With a growing global fanbase from consistently touring from the States to the UK & Europe, Trek Life is planning on releasing 3 projects 2010 with J.Bizness (Rhymes Within Reason), Oddisee (Everything Changed Nothing) & Babu (Fire Outside) through Mello Music Group. Also with each album will be a series of Digital 12s that will feature Clean, Dirty and instrumental versions of the singles from the albums for free download.  Trek Life is well known for his energetic delivery, straight forward lyrics, and engaging live show.


<a href="http://treklife.bandcamp.com/album/rhymes-within-reason">Intro (cuts by DJ Tommy Blak) by Trek Life</a>

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