Kris Perry | sometimes called Kphoto
"...and 'm here to document real Hip Hop!"

BNB: What would you say is your greatest strength and biggest weakness creatively
KRIS PERRY: i would have to say my greatest strength is being able to see the shot right away,and also being patient to capture what i want. my weakness is not giving more direction during bigger shoots.

BNB: If you would to win a million dollars, what would you do with it?
KRIS PERRY: by me another Canon 7D for backup,and take off to document music all over...
BNB: Your momma always said...?  
KRIS PERRY: don't let the fear of success hold you back!

BNB: What is the most memorable moment you've had on your creative journey?
KRIS PERRY: shooting Tribe and De La Soul at Rock The Bells! Thats just one of many!
BNB: You thank GOD everyday that (other then you're alive)...?
KRIS PERRY: That he has giving me a gift to share with the world, and for my family who supports in all i do!

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