producer | songwriter | arranger | and now: artist.  
Some people say I am a comedian but I don't know.  You be the judge.

BNB: Tell us about your lineage as far as hip hop is concerned (who you're affiliated with + where you fit in)  
I, CED: I am affiliated with Black Spade, Gotta Be Kariem, Rocky Knuckles.  Now I am affilated with Hawthorne Headhunters, J1, Dam Funk, Shafiq and Sa-Ra.  I might be missing out of a few others.

BNB: What would you change about the path your career has taken?  
I, CED: All of the bullshit that people want to throw at you.  People don't keep their word, holding people to what they say can hinder you getting to your destination.  I am learning still to keep creating your paths.

BNB: Your momma always said...? 
I, CED: Every tub has it's own bottom.

BNB: What is the most memorable moment you've had on your creative journey?  
I, CED: Dealing with good people on my path.  Making music that gives me a mental orgasm. Working with people and learning about things I didn't know what I could do.

I, CED:  I thank God for the gifts that he has blessed upon me, me continually learning about life and what is cometh unto me.  I am thankful for seeing the sun in the day and moon at night.  I am thankful for the people that are on my team and the ones who are against me (hopefully, that is not many.) 

BNB: Speak on each of these words a bit with regard to you / your mission through creativity
I, CED: "create" // "elevate" // "participate"  I mission is to create something that people will feel good.  Whatever I do, I want people to feel good and be happy about life because we are here.  Why stand up on the wall when we can ball?

I, CED: I have a 7" coming out on Recordbreakin' in the summer and a whole album out in the summer/fall.  It will have various artists on the album.  Peace to DJ Junior.  I produced a 7" for Coultrain, which is out on Recordbreakin' right now on iTunes and various stores.  I am working with Black Spade on his mixtape "Build and Destroy".  That will be out real soon, should be out before SXSW.  Please enjoy your life because you got one, so live it to the FULLEST.  Peace, I, CED

[ ++ love to FROLAB for the froto ]

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