B is for BLING Leak Edition - Frank Nitt "Triumph"

<a href="http://blacknbling.bandcamp.com/track/triumph">Triumph by blacknbling.</a>

 BNB is excited to bring you the first [leaked] track from our forthcoming mixtape called "B is for BLING".

This track is from BNB veteran, FRANK NITT (Detroit // Frank-N-Dank).  The song is called TRIUMPH, and Nitty kills it from start to finish!!

[This track is up for grabs, so feel free to post it / RT it / blog it all you want] 

 "B is for Bling" will be hitting the digi-waves one week from today for BNB's #MUSICMONDAY Takeover.  Mixed by DJ Sean O and compiled by yours truly [kyLA] "B is for Bling" is the first installment of a mix series called BLING ON THE SYSTEM.  We at BNB have tons of musical genius within our reach and we want to share the wealth!  So we'll be compiling exclusives and dropping them for yall to enjoy!  
Here is the first of many, so go on and take that, take that *Diddy voice*

"B is for Bling" also includes music from:

Buff 1 + DJ Rhettmatic as Crown Royale
Proh Mic
E Reece
Oh No // Roc C + Chino XL
Jimetta Rose
Chris Clarke
Big Tone

..and more. 

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