Its a 1derful Life! Buff 1 new release

A little something from our homies at A-Side Worldwide:


Hey Hey Hey!

Some of the best things in life are free! This new release from Buff1 is guaranteed to give you a neck ache...

Buff1 will be doing a LIVE broadcast on Justin.tv TOMORROW (12/2) to support the release of It's A 1derful Life at 7:30pm(EST). If you have any questions for Buff1, shoot them over to me!

The link below is an extra treat for your eyes. It's a music video for Track 15 ~ Original // Space Invadas


Feel free to put this project on blast! Let's all celebrate LIFE!



Here’s the tracklisting:

1. It’s a 1derful Life – Buff1 (produced by Tru)

2. Back It Up – Buff1 (produced by Ski Beats)

3. Line 4 Line – Nametag feat. Buff1 (produced by Black Milk)

4. Go Off – Buff1 w/ Danny Brown (produced by J. Bizness)

5. Do What It Takes – Kam Moye feat. Buff1 (produced by D.R.; snippet)

6. Look At Me – Buff1 (produced by Rashad “Tumblin’ Dice” Smith)

7. Meaning Of Soul – Street Justice feat Buff1 (produced by 4mulaOne; snippet)

8. Front To Back (remix) – David Dallas feat Buff1 (produced by Fire & Ice)

9. Niggas (remix) – Notorious B.I.G. feat Buff1 (produced by Astronote; snippet)

10. Class – Buff1 feat Marv Won (produced by Slot-A)

11. When The Winter Comes – Buff1 (produced by Damu)

12. Good Gracious – Buff1 (produced by M-Phazes)

13. Alwayz Strapped (freestyle) – Buff1 w/ Magestik Legend

14. Def 82 – Buff1 w/ TiRon & Ayomari (produced by Cook Classics)

15. Original – Space Invadas (Katalyst & Steve Spacek) feat Buff1 (produced by Katalyst; snippet)

16. Magnetic – Yoshi feat. Buff1 & Darien Brockington (produced by Akira Shelton; snippet)

17. Arcade Fly – 6th Sense & Wildabeast feat Buff1, Donny Goines, U-N-I & Fashawn (produced by 6th Sense)

18. Can’t Stop A Man – V-Stylez feat Buff1 & Stretch Money (produced by DJ Dez)

19. The Best Are Full Of Love – Buff1 w/ Shawn Jackson & Diz Gibran (produced by Cook Classics)

20. Over And Out – Dave Ghetto feat Buff1 (produced by Tha S Ence; snippet)

21. Momma Song – Buff1 (produced by Slot-A)

22. We Gotcha – Crown Royale (produced by DJ Rhettmatic)

23. Photographs – Crown Royale (produced by DJ Rhettmatic)

(happy birthday Buffy!)

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