Detroit. Stand-Up For HEX.

Medical bills are a bitch, and one of ours is on the ropes y'all.. Let's help HEX like he helped ALL. OF. US.

I know some of y'all are about to say to yourself, "Man, I know Kat," or "Hell yeah, Guilty Simpson is mah nigguh..."

Before you do that, and put yourself through any embarrassment asking about getting on a list... It's like Hex always says: "No."

NO List. If you can't find $10 to give to a man who's personally responsible for overseeing some of the best Hip-Hop projects and shows of the past 5-10 years, then go skydive in outer space.

Matter of fact, if you can't find $10 to give a man who is personally responsible for you NOT having to listen to wack shit you never heard of (because he's very good at what he does), then you can just go shave your wrists with barb wire. Be careful now...

You know what. Fuck it. Hex has been the unseen torch bearer of Detroit Hip-Hop since Proof and Dilla died. You might never have known it, and you might never have heard about the shit he has made happen, but trust that without him you wouldn't know about half the dope Detroit shit you know about, and on top of all of that shit, he is one of the most genuine, honest, GOOD people I've ever been blessed with meeting.

So if you can't stand the fuck up for good human beings, who don't push dogshit; if you can't reach in your pocket and pay $10 to support the realest nigga on earth, then fuck you, and I'll see to it that the brakes are beaten off of you promptly.

October 17th. Act Right. Bring a checkbook. Show HEX how much he matters to ALL. OF. US.


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