"Just A Guy With A Camera" - an artist spotlight.

who IS that guy?

In the age of "instant vintage", greatness will always stand the test of time. BNB has stumbled upon another great, at least in our humble (yet huge) opinions. The latest bit of talent that has swept into BNB territory comes in the form of an imaging specialist. Yup! a photographer.
We've already fallen in love with the works of other photo-heads like Pinkee and Robshot, and Verbs (and that one girl kyLA...she's aight too), but this new dude seems to really have something special to him. And I think Ive figured out exactly what it is. It's his simplicity. It speaks through his photos and within his character as well. Complex in personality, he carries himself on a very simple plane, and its dope. He is as refreshing as his images. And he just goes by the name "AL".
You can find him at the Do Over, camera or two in tow. He'll tell you he's just "a guy with a camera", but once you've seen his images, you'll see that hes much more. Ripe with raw talent and strapped with limited technical knowledge of his camera, Al brings a fresh perspective to the Do. Much like the BNB images from Do Over years 2-5, we just did it for the fun, the atmosphere and the memories. Al's in it for all the same reasons. He's just there for the music and the good people. We love that. A veteran of all things great, especially in realms of music and culture, Al brings new light to the LA scene through his images. Whether it be at the Do or in an inanimate object, Al somehow finds grandeur in everything through his simply composed but perfectly executed photos.

Check out some of our faves from LA photographer Al:

for more from AL, check out his site by clicking HERE

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