Who the EFF is the Vice Mayor?

We've said it tons of times. BNB loves exclusives. Lately, the BNB inbox has fallen victim to "randomness" and "mediocrity" when it comes to new music coming our way. Then came the Vice Mayor.

We have no idea who this dude really is, where he came from, or where he's going. What we DO know is that we love his sound. Upon asking some of our fellow tastemakers, nobody else seems to know who he is either. All BNB has been able to gather is that he is of Jamaican bloodline, is well traveled, has tasted of many fine wines, and is an intense digital musician. We also hear that he has just returned from a voyage to Barcelona, where he worked with acclaimed artist Celestial and began prep for his "Chastity vs Vanity" tour that may be happening later this year.

The Vice Mayor laced us with his premiere track entitled, "Paradise" (or "pair a dice"...whichever you fancy), and we've got it here for you:

Get "Paradise" here:


and here's more info on the Vice Mayor:

Keep your ears to the street, and check in with BNB for much more on this dude. We are totally a fan of the Vice Mayor.

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