Michael Jackson Tribute on KCRW

This is for those that missed our MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE on KCRW feat. The Modern Audio Collective (M.A.C.) Garth Trinidad, Dam-Funk, J-Logic & Dj Jedi + The Soul Children's own Dj Rome!

THIS might have been the MOST fun we've ever had at KCRW especially for me! I had the Flu & STILL got outta bed to go do this set with Garth Trinidad & the rest of the M.A.C. DAM-Funk, Jedi & The Soul Children Dj Rome, Al jackson, shouts to Aaron Byrd, & ESPECIALLY Raul Campos for helping us get the gear set up! + all the studio assistants @ kcrw + Eve & Rodzilla & everyone else in the studio that night! Michael Jackson will LIVE 4 EVER!!! RIP MJ we all LOVED YOU! let me know what u think if you're on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/J_Logic :)

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