FINALE - A Pipe Dream And A Promise

Finale, a relatively unknown emcee only a few months ago, has quickly gained critical acclaim for his debut album A Pipe Dream and a Promise. Picking up accolades from AllHipHop.com, HipHopDX.com, Remix Magazine, Chairman's Choice in the upcoming issue of XXL Magazine, and more, Finale has quickly proven that he is a force to be reckoned with within the forward-thinking Detroit hip-hop scene and hip-hop mainstream.

Recently Finale has been hitting us over the head with remixes, an exclusive web pre-album album, an album sampler, and even a video game starring the emcee himself (links to all of these below). To kick off the official release of A Pipe Dream and A Promise today, Finale is finally giving us the original album track of "One Man Show." Produced by Black Milk, the beat lays under a classically influenced arpeggiated line that gives Finale the space to dominate the mic with a lyrically engaging and hard-hitting braggadocio. Finale raps, "I'm who they want to be it's what they all need / I'm a part of a lost breed and Ima give 'em all of me 'til God decide to call me... I'm gonna run it like a one man show."

With only one feature guest on his entire debut album, A Pipe Dream and A Promise re-affirms the mentality of "One Man Show" and Finale's extraordinary ability to deliver hip-hop that is lyrical, multi-layered, and thought provoking, on his own terms and through the singular power of his voice and skill. A Pipe Dream And A Promise is now available everywhere.

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