BNB Friend Of The Week! - Magestik Legend

1. First off, tell us who you are, who you be, what you do...
I am Magestik Legend. I'm a Mc/Producer/Songwriter/Performer/Engineer/Independent Hustler/Survivor..etc

2. What started your music career?
Haha! Funny Story...but don't laugh! The household I grew up in was pretty sheltered as far as music goes. I had to sneak in the "Explicit Hip Hop". My parents didn't understand that all rap music wasnt about killing and having drug infested orgies. Keep in mind, I'm an 80 baby so..when I was young there was this crew who was about the same age as me called...Kriss Kross. Kriss Kross became my example to them that Hip Hop was "ok". Kriss Kross was about my age. They were successful. Positive. And they weren't really cursing at the time. I never wanted to actually be a rapper, at the time all I did was write poetry and draw. I just wanted them to understand where I was coming from. So, short story shorter...One day I found out that Kriss Kross wasnt even writing their own lyrics. This PISSED me OFF to the point where I actually wrote a couple battle raps against them. I planned on sneaking back stage at their show at Joe Louis Arena and battling them. That didn't happen...but my career did. Go. Figure. "Kriss Kross will make ya....." lol

3. What inspires you to do what you do?
I feel blessed to have the talent I have. I've seen a lot of people leave this earth before they got to share they're talent with the world. I feel the fact that I am blessed with this talent and STILL alive gives me a responsibility to do all I can do to share it. Worst come to best, maybe I can be an inspiration.

4. Tell us one secret, one truth, and one lie..
SECRET: I'm single.
TRUTH: I'm a father.
LIE: I never lie.

5 If you could listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
This may be the hardest question I've ever been asked. I really have no idea. I love A LOT of music. Marvin Gaye's greatest hits maybe...

6. If you would win 10 million dollars, what would you do or buy?
I would pay a genius to create a perfect budget where I could donate, invest, spend money now....and still be Rich enough to give my kid a great future foundation and never have to work again. EVER!

7. If you were not doing music, what would you be doing?
I would probably either be playing NFL Football or teaching. I still want to be a teacher.

8. To BLING or not to BLING?
Nothing wrong with rewarding your hard work with a little splurge. My Bling would be a Black 1987 Jaguar in perfect condition. BlackNBling! lol

9. What artist have you had the pleasure and honor working with? and who would you LIKE to work with?
I've had the pleasure of working with my producer Astronote, my former crew Subterraneous, Audible Doctor, Capital D, Elzhi, Black Milk, Tiffany Paige, Rhettmatic, Buff 1, 14kt, Snowman Jack, Finale, Fyza, Kashia Bleu', Apollo Brown, Nick Speed, ZO!, Choklate, JU-ICE, Invincible, IMAKEMADBEATS, Mphazes and more...A LOT of dope cats. As far as who I wanna work with...most of my Dream Collabs are with artist that are no longer with us. So my mind is open to where my music takes me.

10. Any additional info, upcoming shows, projects, etc...
Yes. Im preforming in PHX/LA/Colorodo/DEMF/Canada/Overseas etc soon. The best way to keep in touch with where Im at and what is goin on with me is www.MaGestiKLeGenD.com or myspace.com/magestiklegend. Also, I have an EP and LP on the way amongst other projects. StayConnected!!!
Other than that..I wanna say thanks to BlackNBling for holding me down! GET RICH!!!

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