Motown 25 : Niles Heron

I guess this is a chain letter of sorts, but I thought it was a great way to get to know Niles Heron, BNB's newest blog addition.

thaaaanks Facebook!

1. I hate chain letters, pass it on texts, and do-this-or-you-will-never-
orgasm-again notes.

2. I hate that I have enough free time to write this. I should be working.

3. I love scotch (scotchy scotch scotch... Here it goes down... Down into my belly.)

3a. Macallan 15 or 18 means I'm changing my pants.
3b. GlenFiddich is garbage
3c. BevMo sells 1.75 Liters of Gentleman Jack for $42.99
3c1. I bought the aforementioned bottle, and I may never finish it.
3c2. BevMo is brilliant.

4. I've spent the last two months trying to write a review of the King James Version by Houseshoes. I've tried recording it memoir style, writing it long-hand, and free-association typing... Nothing is worthy of the work relfected in it.

5. Sometimes I really feel like I'm better than some people.

6. Swagger on a hundredthousandtrillion.

7. I don't like many people who don't like Dilla &.
7a. Dilla Dawg &
7b. Pay Jay &
7c. Jay Dee
7d. Fuck T-Pain

8. I will surely contract all diseases and conditions that 30 years from now will be associated with heavy blackberry use.
8a. I would implant this phone into my arm if given the chance, just so I could look like a mixture of a pro quarterback and someone from star trek.
8b. I'm not actually upset that James T. Kirk was driving in the star trek preview, I just like to watch trekkies get mad.
8c. Trekkies remind me of furries with less shame.

9. I'm grateful for every day I wake up.
9a. If you don't actively feel grateful for your life, each and every day, something is wrong with you.

10. My first newspaper article was published in the Michigan Citizen when I was 17.

11. I hate you too.
11a. ...

12. I love you
12a. you are a different person than those people (that's a plural you) referenced in 11.

13. I've performed in front of crowds, small and large, and the closest thing to peace I've found on earth is being on a stage with a mic.
13a. Those of you who have been there, know what I'm sayin.

14. My album may never be finished. But if and when it is, I will be proud of it, and it won't sound like any shit you've (n)ever heard.

15. Watching the people around me flourish over the past 3 years has been the most inspiring moment of my life. Watching the homies get signed, make records, tour the world, and stay true to themselves makes me proud as shit, even though I had nothing to do with their success.

16. Me and high school didn't get along.
16a. So I left.
16b. I started college when I was 17.
16c. Me and michigan didn't get along.
16d. So I left.
16e. LA and I get along quite well.

17. I am working to put an event on on Feb. 21st called Detroit vs. Los Angeles (2 Detroit DJs vs. 2 LA DJs) @ Cranes Hollywood Tavern.
17a. I am tired as shit of going to listen to uninspired DJs play uninspiring music and then put their hands in the air at the end of the night like they didn't just play on the computer for 2 hours.
17b. My fucking ipod is better at blending than you.
17c. My car stereo (treble bumped, bass off, faded to the passenger side rear) with a scratched copy of bel biv devoe has better taste than you.
17d. I mean that shit (really).

18. I want people to feel music the way I feel music.
18a. I don't know that it will happen, but I believe like it's sunday morning.

19. I MC / Host my homie J1's weekly every saturday night at Carbon (9300 Venice)

20. Whenever I put in time to finish school I will be a Sociology / Something-Maybe-Journalism-More-Likely-Business Major.

21. I work on campus for one of the nations largest bio-tech companies doing database support and training for research and discovery (among other things)
21a. There is not a whole lot crazier then when you walk into work and talk to a colleague who just patented a molecule that blocks tumors from taking on any nutrients, forcing them to eat themselves -- thus effectively curing cancer that's caught before metastasis.
21b. It's even crazier when you hear about little rats who they test the drugs on (i hate it, but better a rat than a human) grow random appendages.
21c. I'm the youngest employee at my company, and i hope I'm never hourly again.

22. My life may never end up on film, but I will write a book about it for those interested.

23. I have been blessed.
23a. By something. By Someone. By it. By Him. By Her. By Them. I don't know by whom, I just know what a blessing feels like.

22. Some people really deserve to get slapped in the mouth for the stupid shit they say.
22a. I don't have a problem being the person to slap someone in the mouth for the stupid shit they say.

23. My mouth gets me in all kinds of trouble -- I'm a smug bastard who doesn't care what you think.

24. My friends are my family.

25. My family is me.

That was grueling.

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